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Partner Resources – English / Language

Resources for Curriculum Implementation

To support the implementation of curriculum, the Ontario Ministry of Education funded third-party organizations to develop the following resources.

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We hope you find these resources helpful. 

Applicable grade(s):
  • item 1 of 13Kindergarten
  • item 2 of 13Grade 1
  • item 3 of 13Grade 2
  • item 4 of 13Grade 3
  • item 5 of 13Grade 4
  • item 6 of 13Grade 5
  • item 7 of 13Grade 6
  • item 8 of 13Grade 7
  • item 9 of 13Grade 8
  • item 10 of 13Grade 9
  • item 11 of 13Grade 10
  • item 12 of 13Grade 11
  • item 13 of 13Grade 12

ONlit is a comprehensive hub for empowering educators to provide evidence-base systematic and explicit instruction aligned with the new Ontario Language and Français Curricula. 

Subject: English / Language
Audience: Educators