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High-Impact Instructional Practices in Mathematics | Resource and Supports

High-Impact Instructional Practices in Mathematics | Resource and Supports

  • The thoughtful use of high-impact instructional practices – including knowing when to use them and how they might be combined to best support the achievement of specific math goals – is an essential component of effective math instruction. 
  • This resource focuses on practices that researchers have consistently shown to have a high impact on teaching and learning mathematics.
  • The emerging models and instructional approaches shown in these supporting videos have been recorded in secondary classrooms and can be integrated throughout both elementary and secondary classrooms.
Applicable grade(s):
  • item 1 of 12Grade 1
  • item 2 of 12Grade 2
  • item 3 of 12Grade 3
  • item 4 of 12Grade 4
  • item 5 of 12Grade 5
  • item 6 of 12Grade 6
  • item 7 of 12Grade 7
  • item 8 of 12Grade 8
  • item 9 of 12Grade 9
  • item 10 of 12Grade 10
  • item 11 of 12Grade 11
  • item 12 of 12Grade 12
High-Impact Instructional Practices in Mathematics

This resource is intended to build a common language and understanding about high-impact instructional practices in mathematics. It is designed to build awareness and expand repertoires to enhance teaching and learning. The resource comprises a series of fact sheets, described in more detail below, and concludes with a list of references and resources for further reading. 

Spotlight Story: Glebe Collegiate Institute, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)

The story of what one Ontario secondary school is doing to reflect high-impact practices in mathematics classrooms and beyond.

Subject: Mathematics
Audience: Educators
Developed By: the Ontario Ministry of Education
Year: 2020
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