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Partner resources – Social Studies, History and Geography / Canadian and World Studies

Resources for Curriculum Implementation

To support the implementation of curriculum, the Ontario Ministry of Education funded third-party organizations to develop the following resources.

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We hope you find these resources helpful. 

Applicable grade(s):
  • item 1 of 13Kindergarten
  • item 2 of 13Grade 1
  • item 3 of 13Grade 2
  • item 4 of 13Grade 3
  • item 5 of 13Grade 4
  • item 6 of 13Grade 5
  • item 7 of 13Grade 6
  • item 8 of 13Grade 7
  • item 9 of 13Grade 8
  • item 10 of 13Grade 9
  • item 11 of 13Grade 10
  • item 12 of 13Grade 11
  • item 13 of 13Grade 12

Find instructional videos, student practice activities, and student workshops (both virtual and in-person) that support the development of digital media literacy skills and the ability to critically evaluate the claims of online sources. Also access a series of educator workshops (virtual and in-person) that review the teaching materials and provide additional professional learning and background information. 

CIVIX – Student Vote Day

Find teaching resources to support Student Vote Day, a parallel election coinciding with Ontario elections. Also find webinars and learning resources about government and the election process, as well as background information on candidates and specific election issues. 

Ontario History and Social Science Teachers' Association 

Discover unit plans, complete with classroom-ready resources, activities, and assessment tools, that are designed to deliver culturally-responsive and relevant civics learning. Materials emphasize human rights, equity and diversity, and student voice. All activities are aligned with the revised curriculum expectations and Growing Success. 

Canadian Society for Yad Vashem – Coming soon

The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem will develop teaching materials related to the story of the MS St. Louis, a ship carrying Jewish Germans fleeing Nazi Germany to Cuba in 1939.

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies – Coming soon

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies will create a training workshop for teachers on how to teach students about the Holocaust, as well as a resource guide to support the workshop.

Liberation75 – Coming soon

Liberation75 will develop Holocaust and antisemitism education resources for educators and students, as well as an online teacher resource to support Grade 6 Holocaust education.

Métis Nation of Ontario – Coming soon

Explore guides to Métis governance which include background information, a timeline, and student scenarios. Resources describe the historical governing systems and structures that have shaped the Métis Nation of Ontario and explain how treaties and Indigenous claims to sovereignty affect regions in Ontario and Canada.

Toronto Holocaust Museum – Coming soon

UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s Holocaust Museum will create virtual tours for teachers and other Holocaust-related resources.

Subject: Social Studies, History and Geography / Canadian and World Studies
Audience: Educators