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Partner Resources – Financial literacy

Resources for Curriculum Implementation

To support the implementation of curriculum, the Ontario Ministry of Education funded third-party organizations to develop the following resources.

The Government of Ontario is not responsible for the content or the accessibility of content on external websites linked from this page. The third-party organizations are responsible for their content, website design, and any accompanying privacy and security policies and compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disibilities Act, 2005 and other relevant legislation. The links provided are not to ministry websites. Users must abide by any terms and conditions required by these platforms. We encourage you to contact the organizations directly for any inquiries regarding the content found on their websites.  

We hope you find these resources helpful. 

Applicable grade(s):
  • item 1 of 13Kindergarten
  • item 2 of 13Grade 1
  • item 3 of 13Grade 2
  • item 4 of 13Grade 3
  • item 5 of 13Grade 4
  • item 6 of 13Grade 5
  • item 7 of 13Grade 6
  • item 8 of 13Grade 7
  • item 9 of 13Grade 8
  • item 10 of 13Grade 9
  • item 11 of 13Grade 10
  • item 12 of 13Grade 11
  • item 13 of 13Grade 12
JA Canada

Access financial literacy modules, complete with program activities and lessons, designed to empower students to make smart, lifelong financial choices. Also available is online professional development to support the learning.  

Le Centre Franco

Find a series of learning activities designed with a starting scenario that branches to other scenarios depending on choices made. Each branching scenario begins with a video to enhance engagement and provide context.  

United for Literacy

Explore digital and interactive distance learning methods and content to help build the financial literacy skills of students living in Northern and remote Indigenous communities. Access program guides, complete with games, learning activities, online resources and real-world applications, for use by educators, students, parents and community organizers. Also find Parent Engagement Workshop Guides for at-home supports to strengthen student skills. 

Topic: Financial literacy
Audience: Educators
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