The course descriptions are also available in French.

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Appendix A. Course Codes for Focus Courses in the Arts, Grades 9 to 12 (2010)

The focus courses for the arts secondary curriculum are coded with three letters to indicate the subject. The course titles are also provided. A year or grade number and a course type character must also be added to complete the course codes. (e.g., Grade 9 Ballet would be ATB1O)

Dance, 9-12

Course Code Course Name
ATB Dance – Ballet
ATD Dance – Composition
ATE Dance – Northern European/Asian
ATF  Dance – African 
ATG  Dance – English/Irish/Scottish
ATH  Dance – History Development 
ATI  Dance – Indian/South Central Asian
ATJ Dance – Jazz 
ATK Dance – Caribbean 
ATL Dance – Central and South American
ATM Dance – Modern
ATN Dance – Aboriginal Peoples (North American)
ATO Dance – Pacific Rim/Asian 
ATP Dance – Performance Practice
ATR Dance – Hip Hop and Urban
ATS Dance – Social Dance (Ballroom, Swing, Traditional Forms) 
ATT Dance – Tap
ATU Dance – Music Theatre
ATW Dance – Mediterranean/Middle Eastern 
ATX Dance – French
ATZ Dance – World Cultures

Drama, 9-12

Course Code Course Name
ADB Drama – Music Theatre 
ADC Drama in the Community
ADD Drama – Production 
ADV Drama – Film/Video

Drama, 11-12

Course Code Course Name
ADF Director's Craft 
ADG Drama – Acting/Improvisation 
ADP Drama – Playwriting/Theatre Development
ADT Drama – Canadian Theatre

Music, 9-12

Course Code Course Name
AMB Instrumental Music – Brass 
AMC Music for Creating
AMD Electronic Music
AME Small Ensemble 
AMG Guitar Music
AMH Stage-Band Music
AMI Instrumental Music – Band 
AMJ Vocal Jazz 
AMK Keyboard Music
AMM Music and Computers 
AMO Instrumental Music – Orchestra 
AMP Instrumental Music – Percussion 
AMQ Steel Drum – Music
AMR Repertoire
AMS Instrumental Music – Strings 
AMT Music Theatre 
AMV Music – Vocal/Choral 
AMW Music – Woodwinds

Visual arts, 9-12

Course Code Course Name
AWA Visual Arts – Crafts 
AWC Visual Arts – Ceramics 
AWD Visual Arts – Visual Design 
AWE Visual Arts – Information / Consumer Design
AWF Visual Arts – Industrial Design 
AWG Visual Arts – Environmental Design
AWH Visual Arts – Interior Design
AWI Visual Arts – Fashion and Textile Design
AWJ Visual Arts – Stage Design
AWK Visual Arts – Illustration 
AWL Visual Arts – Drawing 
AWM Visual Arts – Drawing and Painting
AWN Visual Arts – Painting 
AWO Visual Arts – Printmaking 
AWP Visual Arts – Sculpture 
AWQ Visual Arts – Photography 
AWR Visual Arts – Film / Video
AWS Visual Arts – Digital Media 
AWT Visual Arts – Non-Traditional 
AWU Visual Arts – Cultural/Historical Studies


  • Workplace courses are offered in a comprehensive format that provides for the inclusion and combination of elements from a range of focus courses. As a result, there are no Grade 12 workplace (4E) courses offered in specific focus areas.
  • As stated in Ontario Secondary Schools, Grades 9 to 12: Program and Diploma Requirements, 1999 (OSS), section 6.8.6, a maximum of two credits may be awarded to students taking music programs outside the school. For a student who has successfully completed the requirements as prescribed in Policy/Program Memorandum No. 133 issued January 5, 2004, the school uses the following titles and courses codes: AMX3M, Music – External (Conservatory); AMX4M, Music – External (Conservatory).