The course descriptions are also available in French.

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Appendix D. Course Codes for Alternative (Non-Credit) Courses

The course codes for alternative (non-credit) courses are coded with three letters to indicate the subject. Course codes beginning with “K” indicate courses consisting of alternative expectations, which do not lead to credits. These codes are structured somewhat differently: the fourth character indicates the year of attendance in secondary school (A for the first year, B for the second, etc.); and the fifth character, N, indicates a non-credit course. The course titles are also provided.

Course Code Course Name
KAL Creative Arts for Enjoyment and Expression
KBB Money Management and Personal Banking
KCC Transit Training and Community Exploration
KCW Exploring Our World
KEN Language and Communication Development
KGL Personal Life Skills
KGW Exploring the World of Work
KHD Social Skills Development
KHI Culinary Skills
KMM Numeracy and Numbers
KNA Understanding First Nation, Métis and Inuit Pre-Colonization to Today
KPF Personal Health and Fitness
KPH Choice Making for Healthy Living
KPP Self Help and Self Care
KSN Exploring Our Environment
KTT Computer Skills