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What is a course plan and why is it important?

The vision of this mathematics course is to support all students as they develop healthy and strong identities as mathematics learners and grow to be mathematically skilled, to enhance their ability to use mathematics to make sense of the world around them, and to enable them to make critical decisions while engaged in mathematical thinking. This vision is attained in a mathematics classroom filled with high academic expectations and deep engagement that generates enthusiasm and curiosity – an inclusive classroom where all students receive the highest-quality mathematics instruction and learning opportunities, are empowered to interact as confident mathematics learners, and are thereby supported in reaching their full potential.

Vision and Goals of the Grade 9 Mathematics Course

A course plan outlines and organizes curriculum expectations. It is a living document that is revised as educators become increasingly aware of the abilities, strengths, needs and interests of their students. A thoughtfully developed course plan:

  • ensures that instruction is sequenced in a manner that aligns with research about learning mathematics;
  • allocates the appropriate time for concepts and skills so that students have multiple opportunities to focus on the overall expectations;
  • ensures that all specific expectations are addressed at least once within the course;
  • and recognizes that some expectations need to be revisited several times throughout the course.

Note: These sample course plans outline possible sequences of instruction for a course. There are many ways to structure an effective plan for learning.

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