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About the revised language curriculum

The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1 to 8: Language, 2023 outlines the knowledge and skills required for effective reading and writing, listening and speaking so students can succeed at school and beyond. The curriculum has been revised partly in response to the recommendations outlined in the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Right to Read public inquiry report.

The 2023 curriculum now includes new areas of learning:

A focus on foundational knowledge and skills

  • Students develop foundational knowledge and skills in reading and writing, spelling, vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension across all grades. Reading is taught using evidence-based methods to help students become capable readers and writers.
  • For the youngest learners, knowledge and skills are taught in the areas of oral language and vocabulary, the relationship between sounds and letters of the alphabet, and the ability to read and write words with both speed and accuracy.

Transferable skills

  • Students apply the transferable skills throughout learning in language and literacy across all grades to help them become engaged and responsible learners. These skills are defined as: critical thinking and problem solving; innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship; self-directed learning; collaboration; communication; global citizenship and sustainability; and digital literacy.

Digital media literacy

  • Students develop and apply digital media literacy knowledge and skills to support their learning, such as understanding how online media is used to communicate and influence audiences. They learn to navigate online environments, with appropriate permission, while managing their data, security and privacy. Students also learn how to use digital and media tools to evaluate information and demonstrate their learning.

Applications, connections and contributions

  • Students apply language and literacy skills in various contexts, and make connections to the contributions of a diversity of voices, experiences and perspectives, including those of First Nations, Métis and Inuit individuals, communities, groups and nations.
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