This content is part of official issued curriculum providing the most up-to-date information (i.e., front matter). This content is applicable to all curriculum documents, Grades 1 to 12. Educators must consider this information to guide the implementation of curriculum and in creating the environment in which it is taught. 

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Collaboration involves the interplay of the cognitive (thinking and reasoning), interpersonal, and intrapersonal competencies needed to work with others effectively and ethically. These skills deepen as they are applied, with increasing versatility, to co-construct knowledge, meaning, and content with others in diverse situations, both physical and virtual, that involve a variety of roles, groups, and perspectives.

Student Descriptors

  • Students participate successfully in teams by building positive and respectful relationships, developing trust, and acting cooperatively and with integrity.
  • Students learn from others and contribute to their learning as they co-construct knowledge, meaning, and content.
  • Students assume various roles on the team, respect a diversity of perspectives, and recognize different sources of knowledge, including Indigenous ways of knowing.
  • Students address disagreements and manage conflict in a sensitive and constructive manner.
  • Students interact with a variety of communities and/or groups and use various technologies appropriately to facilitate working with others.