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Support your child’s learning

Science is important to how our world works and can be found all around us. By showing an interest in what your child is learning, you can make an important contribution to your child’s educational success.

You can help your child make connections between what they learn in school and everyday experiences at home and in the community. Here are some ways to spark your child’s curiosity:

  • look for examples, such as how tools and other technologies make our lives easier and help us discover how things work
  • go on nature walks and discover plants and animals
  • observe the changing seasons and weather patterns
  • talk with your child about how science can support their health and well-being
  • look for buildings and machines to explore and discuss wherever you find them – when driving, passing farms or factories, or taking public transit
  • explore career opportunities that rely on science and technology skills and look for role models
  • ask your child’s teacher, guidance counsellor or other school staff questions about skills and experiences required to support your child’s learning
  • stay informed about your child’s learning and stay in touch with their school and teachers.
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