Curriculum: The Ontario curriculum outlines what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade or course in a subject. It is used mainly by teachers and educators but is available to everyone.

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About the Ontario Curriculum

Ontario is helping all students develop the knowledge and skills they need to become informed, productive, and responsible citizens.

Ontario recognizes that the needs of students are diverse. It is important that curriculum is meaningful to students, and that they see themselves reflected in what is taught, how it is taught, and how it applies to the world.

The Ontario Curriculum is not a direct translation between French and English. There are some differences in learning between the two languages, so it is best to review the curriculum in the language of your school board.

The Ontario curriculum includes the following:

  • Kindergarten: one program (in English and French).
  • Elementary (Grades 1-8): 8 subjects for English-language school boards and 11 subjects for French-language school boards.
  • Secondary (Grades 9-12): 19 English disciplines and 21 French disciplines. Within each of the 40 secondary curricula, there are specific courses available, with a total of over 300 individual courses (for both English and French).

To view a list of all elementary curriculum documents go here.

To view a list of all secondary curriculum documents go here.

Curriculum is developed by the Ministry of Education in consultation with education stakeholders and partners. It has mandatory learning expectations (what students must learn) and optional teaching supports (tools and information that teachers may use to help students learn). It also includes information about ministry policies related to student learning (e.g., assessment, evaluation and reporting, special education, equity and inclusive education policies).

Note: The curriculum and content on this site is for both educators and parents. If you have any questions about what your child is learning, or how they are being assessed and evaluated, you may contact their teacher or principal.

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